Dear Valued Stakeholders,

WNS is committed to meeting global best practices in the area of corporate governance. Our objective is to continuously strengthen our corporate governance framework, and to create, enhance and facilitate relationships with shareholders and other stakeholders.

We believe good corporate governance is good business. By meeting global best practices, we ensure healthy growth for our company, thereby making it a better employer for our staff, a better corporate citizen in the cities in which we operate, and a better partner for the companies and other organizations with which we interact. Accordingly, we embrace the overall concept of disclosure, and the specific goals of accuracy, transparency and frequency in our corporate communications and financial reporting.

Our commitment to corporate governance is embedded in our Board of Directors. We believe there must be an appropriate balance between executive and non-executive directors. This board composition provides WNS with the breadth and depth of experience necessary to identify and capitalize on the global opportunities and challenges that exist in today's marketplace. The board's key responsibilities include issues such as disclosure, transparency, executive compensation, dealing with conflicts of interest and maximizing value for all shareholders.

Moreover, our management, operating under the supervision of the board, recognizes its responsibility as a trustee of shareholders' capital. Management's efforts to develop and implement strategies; seek important opportunities; achieve appropriate growth, and prepare for all possible contingencies are driven by an understanding that it must act in the best interests of the company's shareholders.

Thank you for your interest and confidence in WNS Global Services.


Chairman, WNS Global Services

  WNS’ corporate governance practices are not materially different than those required of domestic issuers under the New York Stock Exchange's listing standards. Please see related links for a series of governance documents.