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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form F-6 on 07/19/2006
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     The Depositary, its controlling persons, its agents, the Custodian and the
Company, its controlling persons and its agents may rely and shall be protected
in acting upon any written notice, request, opinion or other document believed
by it to be genuine and to have been signed or presented by the proper party or

     No disclaimer of liability under the Securities Act is intended by any
provision of this Deposit Agreement.

     SECTION 5.3 Standard of Care. The Company and the Depositary and their
respective agents assume no obligation and shall not be subject to any liability
under this Deposit Agreement or any Receipts to any Holder(s) or Beneficial
Owner(s) or other persons, except in accordance with Section 5.8 hereof,
provided that the Company and the Depositary and their respective agents agree
to perform their respective obligations specifically set forth in this Deposit
Agreement or the applicable ADRs without gross negligence or willful misconduct.

     Without limitation of the foregoing, neither the Depositary, nor the
Company, nor any of their respective controlling persons, or agents, shall be
under any obligation to appear in, prosecute or defend any action, suit or other
proceeding in respect of any Deposited Securities or in respect of the Receipts,
which in its opinion may involve it in expense or liability, unless indemnity
satisfactory to it against all expenses (including fees and disbursements of
counsel) and liabilities be furnished as often as may be required (and no
Custodian shall be under any obligation whatsoever with respect to such
proceedings, the responsibility of the Custodian being solely to the

     The Depositary and its agents shall not be liable for any failure to carry
out any instructions to vote any of the Deposited Securities, or for the manner
in which any vote is cast or the effects of any vote. The Depositary shall not
incur any liability for any failure to determine that any distribution or action
may be lawful or reasonably practicable, for the content of any information
submitted to it by the Company for distribution to the Holders or for any
inaccuracy of any translation thereof, for any investment risk associated with
acquiring an interest in the Deposited Securities, for the validity or worth of
the Deposited Securities or for any tax consequences that may result from the
ownership of ADSs, Shares or Deposited Securities, for the creditworthiness of
any third party, for allowing any rights to lapse upon the terms of this Deposit
Agreement or for the failure or timeliness of any notice from the Company, or
for any action or non-action by it in reliance upon the opinion, advice of or
information from legal counsel, accountants, any person representing Shares for
deposit, any Holder or any other person believed by it in good faith to be
competent to give such advice or information. The Depositary and its agents
shall not be liable for any acts or omissions made by a successor depositary
whether in connection with a previous act or omission of the Depositary or in
connection with any matter arising wholly after the removal or resignation of
the Depositary, provided that in connection with the issue out of which such
potential liability arises the Depositary performed its obligations without
gross negligence or willful misconduct while it acted as Depositary.

     SECTION 5.4 Resignation and Removal of the Depositary; Appointment of
Successor Depositary. The Depositary may at any time resign as Depositary
hereunder by written notice of resignation delivered to the Company, such
resignation to be effective on the earlier of (i) the