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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form F-6 on 07/19/2006
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     (c)  If (i) the Company does not request the Depositary to make such
distribution to Holders or requests not to make such distribution to Holders,
(ii) the Depositary does not receive satisfactory documentation within the terms
of Section 5.7, or (iii) the Depositary determines that all or a portion of such
distribution is not reasonably practicable or feasible, the Depositary shall
endeavor to sell or cause such property to be sold in a public or private sale,
at such place or places and upon such terms as it may deem proper and shall
distribute the net proceeds, if any, of such sale received by the Depositary
(net of applicable (a) fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the
Depositary and (b) taxes) to the Holders as of the ADS Record Date upon the
terms of Section 4.1. If the Depositary is unable to sell such property, the
Depositary may dispose of such property in any way it deems reasonably
practicable under the circumstances for nominal or no consideration and Holders
and Beneficial Owners shall have no rights thereto or arising therefrom.

     SECTION 4.6 Conversion of Foreign Currency. Whenever the Depositary or the
Custodian shall receive Foreign Currency, by way of dividends or other
distributions or the net proceeds from the sale of securities, property or
rights, and in the judgment of the Depositary such Foreign Currency can at such
time be converted on a practicable basis (by sale or in any other manner that it
may determine in accordance with applicable law) into Dollars transferable to
the United States and distributable to the Holders entitled thereto, the
Depositary shall convert or cause to be converted, by sale or in any other
manner that it may determine, such Foreign Currency into Dollars, and shall
distribute such Dollars (net of any fees, expenses, taxes or other governmental
charges incurred in the process of such conversion) in accordance with the terms
of the applicable sections of this Deposit Agreement. If the Depositary shall
have distributed warrants or other instruments that entitle the holders thereof
to such Dollars, the Depositary shall distribute such Dollars to the holders of
such warrants and/or instruments upon surrender thereof for cancellation, in
either case without liability for interest thereon. Such distribution may be
made upon an averaged or other practicable basis without regard to any
distinctions among Holders on account of exchange restrictions, the date of
delivery of any Receipt or otherwise.

     Holders understand that in converting Foreign Currency, amounts received on
conversion are calculated at a rate which may exceed the number of decimal
places used by the Depositary to report distribution rates (which in any case
will not be less than two decimal places). Any excess amount may be retained by
the Depositary as an additional cost of conversion, irrespective of any other
fees and expenses payable or owing hereunder and shall not be subject to

     If such conversion or distribution can be effected only with the approval
or license of any government or agency thereof, the Depositary may file such
application for approval or license, if any, as it may deem necessary,
practicable and at nominal cost and expense. Nothing herein shall obligate the
Depositary to file or cause to be filed, or to seek effectiveness of any such
application or license.

     If at any time the Depositary shall determine that in its judgment the
conversion of any Foreign Currency and the transfer and distribution of proceeds
of such conversion received by the Depositary is not practical or lawful, or if
any approval or license of any governmental authority or agency thereof that is
required for such conversion, transfer and distribution is denied, or not
obtainable at a reasonable cost, within a reasonable period or otherwise sought,