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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form F-6 on 07/19/2006
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to the Holders (i) unless and until a registration statement under the
Securities Act covering such offering is in effect or (ii) unless the Company
furnishes at its expense the Depositary with opinion(s) of counsel for the
Company in the United States and counsel to the Company in any other applicable
country in which rights would be distributed, in each case reasonably
satisfactory to the Depositary, to the effect that the offering and sale of such
securities to Holders and Beneficial Owners are exempt from, or do not require
registration under, the provisions of the Securities Act or any other applicable
laws. In the event that the Company, the Depositary or the Custodian shall be
required to withhold and does withhold from any distribution of property
(including rights) an amount on account of taxes or other governmental charges,
the amount distributed to the Holders shall be reduced accordingly. In the event
that the Depositary determines that any distribution in property (including
Shares and rights to subscribe therefor) is subject to any tax or other
governmental charges which the Depositary is obligated to withhold, the
Depositary may dispose of all or a portion of such property (including Shares
and rights to subscribe therefor) in such amounts and in such manner, including
by public or private sale, as the Depositary deems necessary and practicable to
pay any such taxes or charges.

     There can be no assurance that Holders generally, or any Holder in
particular, will be given the opportunity to exercise rights on the same terms
and conditions as the holders of Shares or be able to exercise such rights.
Nothing herein shall obligate the Company to file any registration statement in
respect of any rights or Shares or other securities to be acquired upon the
exercise of such rights.

     SECTION 4.5 Distributions Other Than Cash, Shares or Rights to Purchase

     (a)  Whenever the Company intends to distribute to the holders of Deposited
Securities property other than cash, Shares or rights to purchase additional
Shares, the Company shall give notice thereof to the Depositary at least 30 days
prior to the proposed distribution and shall indicate whether or not it wishes
such distribution to be made to Holders of ADSs. Upon receipt of a notice
indicating that the Company wishes such distribution be made to Holders of ADSs,
the Depositary shall determine whether such distribution to Holders is lawful
and reasonably practicable. The Depositary shall not make such distribution
unless (i) the Company shall have timely requested the Depositary to make such
distribution to Holders, (ii) the Depositary shall have received satisfactory
documentation within the terms of Section 5.7, and (iii) the Depositary shall
have determined that such distribution is reasonably practicable.

     (b)  Upon receipt of satisfactory documentation and the request of the
Company to distribute property to Holders of ADSs and after making the requisite
determinations set forth in (a) above, the Depositary may distribute the
property so received to the Holders of record as of the ADS Record Date, in
proportion to the number of ADSs held by such Holders respectively and in such
manner as the Depositary may deem practicable for accomplishing such
distribution (i) upon receipt of payment or net of the applicable fees and
charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary, and (ii) net of any taxes
and other governmental charges withheld. The Depositary may dispose of all or a
portion of the property so distributed and deposited, in such amounts and in
such manner (including public or private sale) as the Depositary may deem
practicable or necessary to satisfy any taxes (including applicable interest and
penalties) or other governmental charges applicable to the distribution.