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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form F-6 on 07/19/2006
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     The Depositary may retain for its own account any compensation received by
it in conjunction with the foregoing. Collateral provided pursuant to (b) above,
but not the earnings thereon, shall be held for the benefit of the Holders
(other than the Applicant).

                                   ARTICLE III

                         CERTAIN OBLIGATIONS OF HOLDERS

     SECTION 3.1 Proofs, Certificates and Other Information. Any person
presenting Shares for deposit, any Holder and any Beneficial Owner may be
required, and every Holder and Beneficial Owner agrees, from time to time to
provide to the Depositary or the Custodian such proof of citizenship or
residence, taxpayer status, payment of all applicable taxes or other
governmental charges, exchange control approval, legal or beneficial ownership
of ADSs and Deposited Securities, compliance with applicable laws and the terms
of this Deposit Agreement and the provisions of, or governing, the Deposited
Securities or other information; to execute such certifications and to make such
representations and warranties, and to provide such other information and
documentation as the Depositary may deem necessary or proper or as the Company
may reasonably require by written request to the Depositary consistent with its
obligations hereunder. The Depositary and the Registrar, as applicable, may
withhold the execution or delivery or registration of transfer of any Receipt or
the distribution or sale of any dividend or distribution of rights or of the
proceeds thereof, or to the extent not limited by the terms of Section 7.10
hereof, the delivery of any Deposited Securities, until such proof or other
information is filed or such certifications are executed, or such
representations and warranties are made, or such other documentation or
information provided, in each case to the Depositary's and the Company's
satisfaction. The Depositary shall from time to time on the written request
advise the Company of the availability of any such proofs, certificates or other
information and shall, at the Company's sole expense, provide or otherwise make
available copies thereof to the Company upon written request thereof by the
Company, unless such disclosure is prohibited by law. Each Holder and Beneficial
Owner agrees to provide any information requested by the Company or the
Depositary pursuant to this paragraph. Nothing herein shall obligate the
Depositary to (i) obtain any information for the Company if not provided by the
Holders or Beneficial Owners or (ii) verify or vouch for the accuracy of the
information so provided by the Holders or Beneficial Owners.

     SECTION 3.2 Liability for Taxes and Other Charges. If any present or future
tax or other governmental charge shall become payable by the Depositary or the
Custodian with respect to any ADR or any Deposited Securities or American
Depositary Shares, such tax or other governmental charge shall be payable by the
Holders and Beneficial Owners to the Depositary and such Holders and Beneficial
Owners shall be deemed liable therefor. The Company, the Custodian and/or the
Depositary may withhold or deduct from any distributions made in respect of
Deposited Securities and may sell for the account of a Holder and/or Beneficial
Owner any or all of the Deposited Securities and apply such distributions and
sale proceeds in payment of such taxes (including applicable interest and
penalties) or charges, with the Holder and the Beneficial Owner remaining fully
liable for any deficiency. In addition to any other remedies available to it,
the Depositary and the Custodian may refuse the deposit of Shares, and the
Depositary may refuse to issue ADSs, to deliver ADRs, register the transfer,
split-up or combination of ADRs