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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form F-6 on 07/19/2006
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requested otherwise) in exchange and substitution for such mutilated Receipt
upon cancellation thereof, or in lieu of and in substitution for such destroyed,
lost or stolen Receipt. Before the Depositary shall execute and deliver a new
Receipt in substitution for a destroyed, lost or stolen Receipt, the Holder
thereof shall have (a) filed with the Depositary (i) a request for such
execution and delivery before the Depositary has notice that the Receipt has
been acquired by a bona fide purchaser and (ii) a sufficient indemnity bond in
form and amount acceptable to the Depositary and (b) satisfied any other
reasonable requirements imposed by the Depositary.

     SECTION 2.9 Cancellation and Destruction of Surrendered Receipts;
Maintenance of Records. All Receipts surrendered to the Depositary shall be
cancelled by the Depositary. The Depositary is authorized to destroy Receipts so
cancelled in accordance with its customary practices. Cancelled Receipts shall
not be entitled to any benefits under this Deposit Agreement or be valid or
obligatory for any purpose.

     SECTION 2.10 Pre-Release. Subject to the further terms and provisions of
this Section 2.10, the Depositary, its Affiliates and their agents, on their own
behalf, may own and deal in any class of securities of the Company and its
Affiliates and in ADSs. In its capacity as Depositary, the Depositary shall not
lend Shares or ADSs; provided, however that the Depositary may (i) issue ADSs
prior to the receipt of Shares (each such transaction a "Pre-Release
Transaction") as provided below and (ii) deliver Shares upon the receipt and
cancellation of ADSs that were issued in a Pre-Release Transaction, but for
which Shares may not yet have been received. The Depositary may receive ADSs in
lieu of Shares under (i) above and receive shares in lieu of ADSs under (ii)
above. Each such Pre-Release Transaction will be (a) subject to a written
agreement whereby the person or entity (the "Applicant") to whom ADSs or Shares
are to be delivered (1) represents that at the time of the Pre-Release
Transaction the Applicant or its customer owns the Shares or ADSs that are to be
delivered by the Applicant under such Pre-Release Transaction, (2) agrees to
indicate the Depositary as owner of such Shares or ADSs in its records and to
hold such Shares or ADSs in trust for the Depositary until such Shares or ADSs
are delivered to the Depositary or the Custodian, (3) unconditionally guarantees
to deliver to the Depositary or the Custodian, as applicable, such Shares or
ADSs, (4) assigns all beneficial right, title and interest in and to the Shares
or ADSs to the Depositary in its capacity as such, (5) will not take any action
with respect to such Shares or ADSs, as applicable, that is inconsistent with
the beneficial ownership (including disposing of such Shares or ADSs, as
applicable), other than to deliver such Shares or ADSs, as applicable, to the
Depositary in its capacity as such, and (6) agrees to any additional
restrictions or requirements that the Depositary deems appropriate, (b) at all
times fully collateralized with cash, United States government securities or
such other collateral as the Depositary deems appropriate, (c) terminable by the
Depositary on not more than five (5) business days' notice and (d) subject to
such further indemnities and credit regulations as the Depositary deems
appropriate. The Depositary will normally limit the number of ADSs and Shares
involved in such Pre-Release Transactions at any one time to thirty percent
(30%) of the ADSs outstanding (without giving effect to ADSs outstanding under
(i) above), provided, however, that the Depositary reserves the right to
disregard such limit from time to time as it deems appropriate. The Depositary
may also set limits with respect to the number of ADSs and Shares involved in
Pre-Release Transactions with any one person on a case by case basis as it deems