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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form F-6 on 07/19/2006
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     At the request, risk and expense of any Holder so surrendering a Receipt,
and for the account of such Holder, the Depositary shall direct the Custodian to
forward (to the extent permitted by law) any cash or other property (other than
securities) held in respect of, and any certificate or certificates and other
proper documents of or relating to title to, the Deposited Securities
represented by such Receipt to the Depositary for delivery at the Principal
Office of the Depositary, and for further delivery to such Holder. Such
direction shall be given by letter or, at the request, risk and expense of such
Holder, by cable, telex or facsimile transmission. Upon receipt by the
Depositary, the Depositary may make delivery to such person or persons entitled
thereto at the Principal Office of the Depositary of any dividends or cash
distributions with respect to the Deposited Securities represented by such
American Depositary Shares, or of any proceeds of sale of any dividends,
distributions or rights, which may at the time be held by the Depositary.

     SECTION 2.7 Limitations on Execution and Delivery, Transfer, etc. of
Receipts; Suspension of Delivery, Transfer, etc.

     (a)  Additional Requirements. As a condition precedent to the execution and
delivery, registration, registration of transfer, split-up, combination or
surrender of any Receipt, the delivery of any distribution thereon or withdrawal
of any Deposited Securities, the Depositary or the Custodian may require (i)
payment from the depositor of Shares or presenter of the Receipt of a sum
sufficient to reimburse it for any tax or other governmental charge and any
stock transfer or registration fee with respect thereto (including any such tax
or charge and fee with respect to Shares being deposited or withdrawn) and
payment of any applicable fees and charges of the Depositary as provided in
Section 5.9 and Exhibit A hereof, (ii) the production of proof satisfactory to
it as to the identity and genuineness of any signature or any other matter
contemplated by Section 3.1 hereof and (iii) compliance with (A) any laws or
governmental regulations relating to the execution and delivery of Receipts or
American Depositary Shares or to the withdrawal or delivery of Deposited
Securities and (B) such reasonable regulations as the Depositary or the Company
may establish consistent with the provisions of this Deposit Agreement and
applicable law.

     (b)  Additional Limitations. The issuance of ADSs against deposits of
Shares generally or against deposits of particular Shares may be suspended, or
the issuance of ADSs against the deposit of particular Shares may be withheld,
or the registration of transfer of Receipts in particular instances may be
refused, or the registration of transfers of Receipts generally may be
suspended, during any period when the transfer books of the Depositary are
closed or if any such action is deemed necessary or advisable by the Depositary
or the Company, in good faith, at any time or from time to time because of any
requirement of law, any government or governmental body or commission or any
securities exchange on which the Receipts or Shares are listed, or under any
provision of this Deposit Agreement or provisions of, or governing, the
Deposited Securities, or any meeting of shareholders of the Company or for any
other reason, subject, in all cases, to Section 7.10 hereof.

     SECTION 2.8 Lost Receipts, etc. In case any Receipt shall be mutilated,
destroyed, lost or stolen, unless the Depositary has notice that such ADR has
been acquired by a bona fide purchaser, subject to Section 5.9 hereof, the
Depositary shall execute and deliver a new Receipt (which, in the discretion of
the Depositary may be issued through DRS/Profile unless specifically