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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form F-6 on 07/19/2006
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Shares or, in lieu thereof, such indemnity or other agreement as shall be
satisfactory to the Depositary or the Custodian and (ii) if the Shares are
registered in the name of the person on whose behalf they are presented for
deposit, a proxy or proxies entitling the Custodian to exercise voting rights in
respect of the Shares for any and all purposes until the Shares so deposited are
registered in the name of the Depositary, the Custodian or any nominee. No Share
shall be accepted for deposit unless accompanied by confirmation or such
additional evidence, if any is required by the Depositary, that is reasonably
satisfactory to the Depositary or the Custodian that all conditions to such
deposit have been satisfied by the person depositing such Shares under the laws
and regulations of Jersey and any necessary governmental approval has been
granted. The Depositary may issue Receipts against evidence of rights to receive
Shares from the Company, any agent of the Company or any custodian, registrar,
transfer agent, clearing agency or other entity involved in ownership or
transaction records in respect of the Shares. Without limitation of the
foregoing, the Depositary shall not knowingly accept for deposit under this
Deposit Agreement any Shares required to be registered under the provisions of
the Securities Act, unless a registration statement is in effect as to such
Shares. The Depositary will use commercially reasonable efforts to comply with
reasonable written instructions of the Company that the Depositary shall not
accept for deposit hereunder any Shares specifically identified in such
instructions at such times and under such circumstances as may reasonably be
specified in such instructions in order to facilitate the Company's compliance
with the securities laws in the United States.

     (b)  As soon as practicable after receipt of any permitted deposit
hereunder and compliance with the provisions of this Deposit Agreement, the
Custodian shall present the Shares so deposited, together with the appropriate
instrument or instruments of transfer or endorsement, duly stamped, to the
Foreign Registrar for transfer and registration of the Shares (as soon as
transfer and registration can be accomplished and at the expense of the person
for whom the deposit is made) in the name of the Depositary, the Custodian or a
nominee of either. Deposited Securities shall be held by the Depositary or by a
Custodian for the account and to the order of the Depositary or a nominee, in
each case for the account of the Holders and Beneficial Owners, at such place or
places as the Depositary or the Custodian shall determine.

     (c)  In the event any Shares are deposited which entitle the holders
thereof to receive a per-share distribution or other entitlement in an amount
different from the Shares then on deposit, the Depositary is authorized to take
any and all actions as may be necessary (including, without limitation, making
the necessary notations on Receipts) to give effect to the issuance of such ADSs
and to ensure that such ADSs are not fungible with other ADSs issued hereunder
until such time as the entitlement of the Shares represented by such
non-fungible ADSs equals that of the Shares represented by ADSs prior to the
original such deposit. The Company agrees to give timely written notice to the
Depositary if any Shares issued or to be issued contain rights different from
those of any other Shares theretofore issued and shall assist the Depositary
with the establishment of procedures enabling the identification of such
non-fungible Shares upon Delivery to the Custodian.

     SECTION 2.4 Execution and Delivery of Receipts. After the deposit of any
Shares pursuant to Section 2.2, the Custodian shall notify the Depositary of
such deposit and the person or persons to whom or upon whose written order a
Receipt or Receipts are deliverable in respect thereof and the number of
American Depositary Shares to be evidenced thereby. Such