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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form F-6 on 07/19/2006
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materially prejudice any substantial existing right of Holders or Beneficial
Owners, shall not, however, become effective as to outstanding Receipts until 30
days after notice of such amendment or supplement shall have been given to the
Holders of outstanding Receipts. The parties hereto agree that any amendments or
supplements which (i) are reasonably necessary (as agreed by the Company and the
Depositary) in order for (a) the American Depositary Shares to be registered on
Form F-6 under the Securities Act or (b) the American Depositary Shares or the
Shares to be traded solely in electronic book-entry form and (ii) do not in
either such case impose or increase any fees or charges to be borne by Holders,
shall be deemed not to materially prejudice any substantial rights of Holders or
Beneficial Owners. Every Holder and Beneficial Owner at the time any amendment
or supplement so becomes effective shall be deemed, by continuing to hold such
American Depositary Share or Shares, to consent and agree to such amendment or
supplement and to be bound by this Deposit Agreement as amended and supplemented
thereby. In no event shall any amendment or supplement impair the right of the
Holder to surrender such Receipt and receive therefor the Deposited Securities
represented thereby, except in order to comply with mandatory provisions of
applicable law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any governmental body should
adopt new laws, rules or regulations which would require amendment or supplement
of this Deposit Agreement to ensure compliance therewith, the Company and the
Depositary may amend or supplement this Deposit Agreement and the Receipt at any
time in accordance with such changed laws, rules or regulations. Such amendment
or supplement to this Deposit Agreement in such circumstances may become
effective before a notice of such amendment or supplement is given to Holders or
within any other period of time as required for compliance with such laws, rules
or regulations.

     SECTION 6.2 Termination. The Depositary shall, at any time at the written
direction of the Company, terminate this Deposit Agreement by mailing notice of
such termination to the Holders of all Receipts then outstanding at least 90
days prior to the date fixed in such notice for such termination, provided that
the Depositary shall be reimbursed for any amounts, fees, costs or expenses owed
to it in accordance with the terms of this Deposit Agreement and in accordance
with any other agreements as otherwise agreed in writing between the Company and
the Depositary from time to time, prior to such termination shall take effect.
If 90 days shall have expired after (i) the Depositary shall have delivered to
the Company a written notice of its election to resign, or (ii) the Company
shall have delivered to the Depositary a written notice of the removal of the
Depositary, and in either case a successor depositary shall not have been
appointed and accepted its appointment as provided in Section 5.4, the
Depositary may terminate this Deposit Agreement by mailing notice of such
termination to the Holders of all Receipts then outstanding at least 30 days
prior to the date fixed for such termination. On and after the date of
termination of this Deposit Agreement, the Holder will, upon surrender of such
Receipt at the Principal Office of the Depositary, upon the payment of the
charges of the Depositary for the surrender of Receipts referred to in Section
2.6 and subject to the conditions and restrictions therein set forth, and upon
payment of any applicable taxes or governmental charges, be entitled to
delivery, to him or upon his order, of the amount of Deposited Securities
represented by such Receipt. If any Receipts shall remain outstanding after the
date of termination of this Deposit Agreement, the Registrar thereafter shall
discontinue the registration of transfers of Receipts, and the Depositary shall
suspend the distribution of dividends to the Holders thereof, and shall not give
any further notices or perform any further acts under this Deposit Agreement,
except that the Depositary shall continue to collect dividends and other
distributions pertaining to Deposited Securities, shall sell rights or other
property as provided in this Deposit Agreement, and shall