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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 6-K on 08/23/2018
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5.1 General. The Committee is authorized to grant Options to Participants on the following terms and conditions:

(a) Exercise Price. The exercise price per Share subject to an Option shall be determined by the Committee and set forth in the Award Agreement; provided, that, subject to Section 5.2(b) hereof, the per share exercise price for any Option shall not be less than 100% of the Fair Market Value of a Share on the date of grant.

(b) Time and Conditions of Exercise. The Committee shall determine the time or times at which an Option may be exercised in whole or in part; provided, that the term of any Option granted under the Plan shall not exceed ten years. The Committee shall also determine the performance or other conditions, if any, that must be satisfied before all or part of an Option may be exercised.

(c) Payment. The Committee shall determine the methods by which the exercise price of an Option may be paid, the form of payment, including, without limitation: (i) cash, (ii) Shares or ADSs having a fair market value on the date of delivery equal to the aggregate exercise price of the Option or exercised portion thereof, including shares or ADSs that would otherwise be issuable or transferable upon exercise of the Option, or (iii) other property acceptable to the Committee (including through the delivery of a notice that the Participant has placed a market sell order with a broker with respect to Shares or ADSs then issuable upon exercise of the Option, and that the broker has been directed to pay a sufficient portion of the net proceeds of the sale to the Company in satisfaction of the Option exercise price; provided, that payment of such proceeds is then made to the Company at such time as may be required by the Company, not later than the settlement of such sale), and the methods by which Shares or ADSs shall be delivered or deemed to be delivered to Participants. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Plan to the contrary, no Participant who is a member of the Board or an “executive officer” of the Company within the meaning of Section 13(k) of the Exchange Act shall be permitted to pay the exercise price of an Option, or continue any extension of credit with respect to the exercise price of an Option with a loan from the Company or a loan arranged by the Company in violation of Section 13(k) of the Exchange Act.

(d) Evidence of Grant. All Options shall be evidenced by an Award Agreement between the Company and the Participant. The Award Agreement shall include such additional provisions as may be specified by the Committee.

5.2 Incentive Stock Options. Incentive Stock Options shall be granted only to employees of the Company or any “parent corporation” or “subsidiary corporation” of the Company within the meaning of Section 424(e) and 424(f), respectively, of the Code, and the terms of any Incentive Stock Options granted pursuant to the Plan, in addition to the requirements of Section 5.1 hereof, must comply with the provisions of this Section 5.2.

(a) Dollar Limitation. The aggregate Fair Market Value (determined as of the time the Option is granted) of all Shares or ADSs with respect to which Incentive Stock Options are first exercisable by a Participant in any calendar year may not exceed $100,000 or such other limitation as imposed by Section 422(d) of the Code, or any successor provision. To the extent that Incentive Stock Options are first exercisable by a Participant in excess of such limitation, the excess shall be considered Non-Qualified Options.