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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 6-K on 08/23/2018
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2.40 “Share Payment” means (a) a payment in the form of Shares or ADSs, or (b) an option or other right to purchase Shares or ADSs, as part of any bonus, deferred compensation or other arrangement, made in lieu of all or any portion of the compensation, granted pursuant to Section 8.3 hereof.

2.41 “Subsidiary” means any “subsidiary corporation” as defined in Section 424(f) of the Code and any applicable regulations promulgated thereunder or any other entity of which a majority of the outstanding voting shares or voting power is beneficially owned directly or indirectly by the Company.



3.1 Number of Shares and ADSs.

(a) Subject to Article 11 and Section 3.1(b), the aggregate number of Shares and ADSs, in the aggregate, which may be issued or transferred pursuant to Awards under the Plan shall be equal to the sum of (x) three million and nine hundred thousand (3,900,000), and (y) any Shares or ADSs which immediately prior to the expiration of the Prior Plan were available for issuance or transfer as new awards under the Prior Plan, and (z) any Shares or ADSs subject to awards under the Prior Plan which terminate, expire, forfeit, lapse for any reason or are settled in cash on or after the Effective Date. In order that the applicable regulations under the Code relating to Incentive Stock Options be satisfied, the maximum number of Shares and ADSs that may be delivered under the Plan upon the exercise of Incentive Stock Options shall be that number of shares specified in Section 3.1(a)(x) above.

(b) To the extent that an Award terminates, expires, or lapses for any reason, or is settled in cash, any Shares or ADSs subject to the Award shall again be available for the grant of an Award pursuant to the Plan. Any Shares or ADSs tendered or withheld to satisfy the grant or exercise price or tax withholding obligation pursuant to any Award shall not subsequently be available for grant of an Award pursuant to the Plan. To the extent permitted by applicable law or any exchange rule, Shares and ADSs issued in assumption of, or in substitution for, any outstanding awards of any entity acquired in any form of combination by the Company or any Subsidiary shall not be counted against Shares and ADSs available for grant pursuant to this Plan. To the extent that a SAR is exercised for, or settled in, Shares or ADSs, the full number of shares or ADSs subject to such SAR shall be counted for purposes of calculating the aggregate number of Shares and ADSs available for issuance under the Plan as set forth in Section 3.1(a), regardless of the actual number of shares or ADSs issued upon such exercise or settlement. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Section 3.1(b), no Shares or ADSs may again be optioned, granted or awarded if such action would cause an Incentive Stock Option to fail to qualify as an incentive stock option under Section 422 of the Code.

3.2 Shares and ADSs Distributed. Any Shares or ADSs distributed pursuant to an Award may consist, in whole or in part, of authorized and unissued Shares or ADSs, treasury Shares or ADSs, or Shares or ADSs purchased on the open market.