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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 6-K on 08/23/2018
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As at June 30 2018, there were no options held by our directors and executive officers. The following table sets forth information concerning RSUs held by our directors and executive officers as at June 30, 2018:



   Number of shares
unexercised RSUs
held that have
but unexercised
     Number of
shares underlying
RSUs vesting
within 60 days
from June 30,
     Number of
shares underlying
RSUs vesting
after 60 days
from June 30,

Non-executive Directors


Adrian T. Dillon

     —          6,955        19-Jul-18        —    

Albert Aboody

     —          —          —          —    

Françoise Gri

     —          3,651        19-Jul-18        —    

Gareth Williams

     —          3,651        19-Jul-18        —    

John Freeland

     —          3,651        19-Jul-18        —    

Michael Menezes

     —          3,651        19-Jul-18        —    

Renu S. Karnad

     —          3,651        19-Jul-18        —    

Keith Haviland

     —          2,741        19-Jul-18        —    
        3,651        19-Jul-18        —    

Mario Vitale

     —          —          —          2,932  

Executive Officers


Keshav R. Murugesh

     138,099        5,440        27-Jul-18        886,973  
        9,499        26-Jul-18     
        6,293        25-Jul-18     

Sanjay Puria

     7,087        925        27-Jul-18        98,195  
        1,048        26-Jul-18     
        796        25-Jul-18     

Ronald Gillette

     13,000        1,140        27-Jul-18        105,966  
        1,196        26-Jul-18     
        766        25-Jul-18     

Swaminathan Rajamani

     4,497        630        27-Jul-18        75,450  
        898        26-Jul-18     
        516        25-Jul-18     

Share Ownership Guidelines

In July 2014, our Board of Directors adopted a share ownership policy, which was amended in January 2015 and effective from April 1, 2015, outlining the share ownership guidelines for, among other employees, our directors and executive officers. We believe that this policy further aligns the interests of our directors and executive officers with the long-term interests of our shareholders and promotes our commitment to sound corporate governance practices.



Under our amended policy, each of our non-executive directors must hold at least the amount of vested shares of our company by the fifth anniversary of such director’s initial election to the Board as shown in the table below:




Share Ownership Guidelines

For Non-Executive Directors (except Board Chairman)    3.0 x value of annual share grant in $
For the Board Chairman    4.0 x value of annual share grant in $

In the event a non-executive director holds at least the required valued of our ordinary shares during the required time period, but the value of the director’s shares decreases below the shareholding requirement due to a decline in the price of our ADSs, the director shall be deemed to have complied with this policy so long as the director does not sell any shares.