SEC Filings

WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Name of Subsidiary


Place of Incorporation

1.    WNS Global Services Netherlands Cooperatief U.A.    The Netherlands
2.    WNS North America, Inc.    Delaware, USA
3.    WNS Global Services (UK) Limited    United Kingdom
4.    WNS (Mauritius) Limited    Mauritius
5.    WNS Global Services (Romania) S.R.L.    Romania
6.    WNS Global Services Philippines, Inc.    Philippines
7.    WNS Business Consulting Services Private Limited    India
8.    WNS Assistance Limited    United Kingdom
9.    Accidents Happen Assistance Limited    United Kingdom
10.    WNS Global Services Inc.    Delaware, USA
11.    Business Applications Associates Beijing Limited    China
12.    WNS Capital Investment Limited    Mauritius
13.    WNS Global Services (Private) Limited    Sri Lanka
14.    WNS Customer Solutions (Singapore) Private Limited    Singapore
15.    WNS Global Services Private Limited(1)    India
16.    WNS BPO Services Costa Rica, S.R.L.    Costa Rica
17.    WNS Global Services (Australia) Pty Ltd    Australia
18.    WNS Mauritius Limited ME (Branch)    Dubai Airport Free Zone
19.    WNS Cares Foundation(2)    India
20.    WNS Global Services (UK) Limited (Spółka Z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością) Oddział W Polsce, Gdansk (Branch)    Poland
21.    WNS Global Services SA (Pty) Limited    South Africa
22.    Business Applications Associates Beijing Limited Guangzhou Branch (Branch)    China
23.    WNS Global Services (Dalian) Co. Ltd.    China
24.    WNS Global Services Private Limited (Singapore Branch)    Singapore
25.    WNS Legal Assistance LLP    United Kingdom
26    WNS Assistance (Legal) Limited    United Kingdom
27    WNS Global Services (UK) Limited London Bucharest Branch    Romania
28    WNS Global Services (UK) Limited (France Branch)    France
29    Denali Sourcing Services Inc.    Delaware, USA
30    WNS Global Services Netherlands Cooperatief U.A. Merkezi Hollanda Istanbul Merkez Subesi(3)    Turkey
31    MTS HealthHelp Inc.    Delaware, USA
32    HealthHelp Holdings LLC    Delaware, USA
33    HealthHelp LLC    Delaware, USA
34    Value Edge AG    Switzerland
35    Value Edge Inc.    Delaware, USA
36    VE Value Edge Gmbh    Germany
37    WNS Global Services (Dalian) Co. Ltd. Shanghai Branch(4)    China
38    Ucademy (Pty) Ltd    South Africa
39    The WNS B-BBEE Staff Share Trust(5)    South Africa
40    WNS Global Services Netherlands Cooperatief U.A. Ireland Branch(6)    Ireland
41    WNS New Zealand Limited(7)    New Zealand