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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Revenue by Geography

For fiscal 2018, 2017 and 2016, our revenue and revenue less repair payments (non-GAAP) were derived from the following geographies (based on the location of our clients) in the proportions set forth below in the following table:


     As a percentage of revenue     As a percentage of revenue less
repair payments (non-GAAP)
     Year ended March 31,     Year ended March 31,  


   2018     2017     2016     2018     2017     2016  

North America (primarily the US)

     40.7     32.6     27.6     41.6     33.9     29.3


     34.2     41.3     47.1     32.6     38.8     44.0


     8.8     8.1     7.2     9.0     8.5     7.6

Europe (excluding the UK)

     6.2     6.2     6.2     6.4     6.5     6.5

South Africa

     5.7     7.1     5.4     5.8     7.4     5.7

Rest of world

     4.5     4.7     6.5     4.6     4.9     6.9




















     100.0     100.0     100.0     100.0     100.0     100.0



















Our business in South Africa is evaluated for compliance with the South African government’s BBBEE legislation against a BBBEE scorecard based on various criteria. South African government grants are available to certain businesses that meet specified conditions, including achieving a specified minimum BBBEE rating. Additionally, many South African companies require their service providers to maintain a minimum BBBEE rating, and many of our South African client contracts contain clauses that allow our clients to terminate their contracts with us or impose specified penalties on us if we do not maintain a minimum BBBEE rating.

New BBBEE criteria became effective for us from March 2017, according to which an entity receives a new compliance rating from the BBBEE rating agency. Under these new criteria, our rating based on our previous structure and practices would have dropped and we would have been required contractually to improve our rating. We developed a plan to achieve or improve our current rating by the BBBEE verification audit for period ended March 31, 2017 in May 2017. This plan included, among other measures, divesting some of our interests in our South Africa subsidiary to address the criterion relating to the percentage of ownership of an entity by “black people” (as defined under the applicable legislation). We achieved the required rating on the basis of the steps taken to comply with the new BBBEE criteria which is valid until May 2018. Based on the results of an interim BBBEE audit, we expect that we will achieve the required rating in our next BBBEE verification audit in May 2018 which, if achieved, would be valid until May 2019.