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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Revenue by Industry

For financial statement reporting purposes, we aggregate our operating segments, except for the WNS Auto Claims BPM (which we market under the WNS Assistance brand) as it does not meet the aggregation criteria under IFRS. See “— Results by Reportable Segment.”

We organize our company into the following industry-focused business units to provide more specialized focus on each of these industries: insurance; travel and leisure; diversified businesses including manufacturing, retail, CPG, media and entertainment, and telecom; healthcare; utilities; consulting and professional services; shipping and logistics and banking and financial services.

For fiscal 2018, 2017 and 2016, our revenue and revenue less repair payments (non-GAAP) were diversified across our industry-focused business units in the proportions set forth in the following table:


     As a percentage of revenue     As a percentage of revenue less
repair payments (non-GAAP)
     Year ended March 31,     Year ended March 31,  

Business Unit

   2018     2017     2016     2018     2017     2016  


     25.7     29.6     32.3     24.0     26.6     28.5

Travel and leisure

     18.7     21.3     19.6     19.2     22.1     20.7

Diversified businesses including manufacturing, retail, CPG, media and entertainment, and telecom

     18.1     17.5     15.4     18.5     18.2     16.3


     14.7     6.8     5.2     15.1     7.1     5.5


     8.7     9.3     10.2     8.9     9.7     10.8

Consulting and professional services

     5.2     6.9     7.9     5.4     7.2     8.3

Shipping and logistics

     4.5     4.3     3.9     4.6     4.4     4.1

Banking and financial services

     4.4     4.4     5.5     4.5     4.6     5.8




















     100.0     100.0     100.0     100.0     100.0     100.0



















Certain services that we provide to our clients are subject to the seasonality of our clients’ business. Accordingly, we typically see an increase in transaction related services within the travel and leisure industry during holiday seasons, such as during the US summer holidays (our fiscal second quarter); an increase in business in the insurance industry during the beginning and end of the fiscal year (our fiscal first and last quarters) and during the US peak winter season (our fiscal third quarter); and an increase in business in the consumer product industry during the US festive season towards the end of the calendar year when new product launches and campaigns typically happen (our fiscal third quarter).