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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Our History and Milestones

We began operations as an in-house unit of British Airways in 1996 and started focusing on providing business process management services to third parties in fiscal 2003. The following are the key milestones in our operating history since Warburg Pincus acquired a controlling stake in our company from British Airways in May 2002 and inducted a new senior management team:


    In fiscal 2003, we acquired Town and Country Assistance Limited (which we subsequently rebranded as WNS Assistance and which is part of WNS Auto Claims BPM, our reportable segment for financial statement purposes), a UK-based automobile claims handling company, thereby extending our service portfolio beyond the travel and leisure industry to include insurance-based automobile claims processing.


    In fiscal 2003 and 2004, we invested in our infrastructure to expand our service portfolio from data-oriented processing to include complex voice and blended data/voice service capabilities, and commenced offering comprehensive processes in the travel and leisure, banking and financial services and insurance industries.


    In fiscal 2004, we acquired the health claims management business of Greensnow Inc.


    In fiscal 2005, we opened facilities in Gurgaon, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka, thereby expanding our operating footprints across India and Sri Lanka.


    In fiscal 2006, we acquired Trinity Partners Inc. (which we subsequently merged into our subsidiary, WNS North America Inc.), a provider of business process management services to financial institutions, focusing on mortgage banking.


    In July 2006, we completed our initial public offering, whereupon our ADSs became listed on the New York Stock Exchange (the “NYSE”) under the symbol “WNS.”


    In fiscal 2007, we expanded our facilities in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune, India, and we also acquired the fare audit services business of PRG Airlines and the financial accounting business of GHS.


    In May 2007, we acquired Marketics, a provider of offshore analytics services.


    In June 2007, we acquired Flovate, a company engaged in the development and maintenance of software products and solutions, which we subsequently renamed as WNS Workflow Technologies Limited.


    In July 2007, we completed the transfer of our delivery center in Sri Lanka to Aviva Global.


    In January 2008, we launched a 133-seat facility in Bucharest, Romania. Also, in March 2008, we entered into a joint venture with ACS, a provider in BPM services and customer care in the Philippines, to form WNS Philippines Inc.


    In April 2008, we opened a facility in Manila, the Philippines, and we also acquired Chang Limited, an auto insurance claims processing services provider in the UK, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, AHA (formerly known as Call 24-7).


    In June 2008, we acquired BizAps, a provider of SAP® solutions to optimize the enterprise resource planning functionality for our finance and accounting processes.


    In July 2008, we acquired from Aviva all the shares of Aviva Global, which we renamed to WNS Global Singapore, and resumed ownership of the delivery center in Sri Lanka that was transferred to Aviva Global in July 2007, as mentioned above. In connection with our acquisition of Aviva Global, we also entered into the 2008 Aviva master services agreement (as varied by the variation agreement entered into in March 2009) with Aviva MS, pursuant to which we provided BPM services to Aviva’s UK business and Aviva’s Irish subsidiary, Hibernian Aviva Direct Limited, and certain of its affiliates. We replaced this 2008 Aviva master services agreement with the Aviva master services agreement in September 2014.


    In November 2009, we opened a facility in San Jose, Costa Rica.


    In January 2010, we moved from our existing facility to a new and expanded facility in Manila, the Philippines.


    In October 2010, we moved from our existing facility in Marple to Manchester, UK and expanded our facility in Manila, the Philippines.


    In November 2010, we expanded our sales office in London, UK.


    In March 2011, we expanded our facility in Bucharest, Romania.


    In November 2011, we acquired ACS’s shareholding in WNS Philippines Inc., which became our wholly-owned subsidiary.


    In fiscal 2012, we expanded our facilities in Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Chennai, India, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Romania.