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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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(7)  Revenue less repair payments is a non-GAAP financial measure which is calculated as (a) revenue less (b) in our auto claims business, payments to repair centers for “fault” repair cases where we act as the principal in our dealings with the third party repair centers and our clients. The following table reconciles our revenue (a GAAP financial measure) to revenue less repair payments (a non-GAAP financial measure) for the indicated periods:
(8)  Commencing fiscal 2018, we are including in our disclosed total head count the number of apprentices employed under the India government scheme, National Employability Enhancement Mission, pursuant to which apprentices undergo a three to 36 month apprenticeship to enhance their employability. There is no guarantee of employment with WNS following the completion of the apprenticeship. Our previously disclosed total head count does not include apprentices. The total head count presented for prior periods in the table above have been re-computed to include apprentices for comparative purposes.


     For the year ended March 31,  
     2018      2017      2016      2015      2014  
     (US dollars in millions)  

Revenue (GAAP)

   $ 758.0      $ 602.5      $ 562.2      $ 533.9      $ 502.6  

Less: Payments to repair centers(a)

     17.0        24.1        31.2        30.9        31.1  
















Revenue less repair payments (non-GAAP)

   $ 741.0      $ 578.4      $ 531.0      $ 503.0      $ 471.5  


















(a)  Consists of payments to repair centers in our auto claims business for “fault” repair cases where we act as the principal in our dealings with the third party repair centers and our clients.

We have two reportable segments for financial statement reporting purposes — WNS Global BPM and WNS Auto Claims BPM. In our WNS Auto Claims BPM segment, we provide both “fault” and “non-fault” repairs. For “fault” repairs, we provide claims handling and repair management services, where we arrange for automobile repairs through a network of third party repair centers. Effective July 1, 2015, WNS Legal Assistance LLP, a subsidiary of WNS Assistance Limited, received an approval from the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, UK, to provide legal services in relation to personal injury claims. In our repair management services, where we act as the principal in our dealings with the third party repair centers and our clients, the amounts which we invoice to our clients for payments made by us to third party repair centers are reported as revenue. Where we are not the principal in providing the services, we record revenue from repair services net of repair cost. Since we wholly subcontract the repairs to the repair centers, we evaluate the financial performance of our “fault” repair business based on revenue less repair payments (non-GAAP) to third party repair centers, which is a non-GAAP financial measure. We believe that revenue less repair payments (non-GAAP) for “fault” repairs reflects more accurately the value addition of the business process management services that we directly provide to our clients.

For our “non-fault” repairs business, we generally provide a consolidated suite of accident management services including credit hire and credit repair, and we believe that measurement of such business on a basis that includes repair payments in revenue is appropriate. Revenue including repair payments is therefore used as a primary measure to allocate resources and measure operating performance for accident management services provided in our “non-fault” repairs business. Our “non-fault” repairs business where we provide accident management services, accounts for a relatively small portion of our revenue for our WNS Auto Claims BPM segment.

This non-GAAP financial information is not meant to be considered in isolation or as a substitute for our financial results prepared in accordance with GAAP. We believe that the presentation of this non-GAAP financial measure in this annual report provides useful information for investors regarding the financial performance of our business and our two reportable segments. Our revenue less repair payments (non-GAAP) may not be comparable to similarly titled measures reported by other companies due to potential differences in the method of calculation.

B. Capitalization and Indebtedness

Not applicable.