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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Representatives of the learning and development team are also involved in feasibility studies for potential new locations from a talent availability point of view. To improve our reach, we are increasingly deploying blended learning solutions via video-based and e-learning to reach our managers globally. We have also collaborated with an external e-learning provider to assist in providing appropriate and relevant online training materials while keeping in mind our organizational goals. Our continued focus on e-learning has helped us in reducing costs associated with training as the costs associated with online products on a per person, per hour basis, are significantly less than the costs associated with training in the physical classroom.

Front line capability building As an individual advances within an organization, it is important that he or she adds the qualifications and skills required to perform the role and responsibilities to which he or she is assigned. Our Learning Academy focuses on providing new managers the necessary tools to successfully make the transition from employee to business leader. In doing so, our Learning Academy trains new managers on the technical and leadership skills necessary to manage people, understand key drivers of financial performance, provide good customer service and follow our business and shared best practices.

Top Talent development initiativesWe focus on employees identified as top talent via our “WNS performance management system” by building their capability to be future leaders in our company. These initiatives include:


    focusing on leadership pipeline development through programs to develop future-ready leaders in our company;


    investing in top talent individuals identified as “best bets”; and


    providing a support system and learning mechanism to enable the individual to understand, improve and reinvent oneself.


Due to the industry and geographic diversity of our operations and services, our operations are subject to a variety of rules and regulations, and several federal and state agencies in Australia, China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Mauritius, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the UK and the US that regulate various aspects of our business. See “Part I — Item 3. Key Information — D. Risk Factors — Risks Related to our Business — Our global operations expose us to numerous and sometimes conflicting legal and regulatory requirements. Failure to adhere to the laws and regulations that govern our business or our clients’ businesses that we are required to comply with in performing our services could harm our business.” We have benefitted from, and continue to benefit from, certain tax holidays and exemptions in various jurisdictions in which we have operations.

In fiscal 2018, 2017 and 2016, our tax rate in India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka impacted our effective tax rate. We would have incurred approximately $9.4 million, $5.2 million and $5.0 million in additional income tax expense on our combined operations in our SEZ operations in India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka for fiscal 2018, 2017 and 2016, respectively, if the tax holidays or exemptions as described below had not been available for the respective periods.

We expect our tax rate in India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka to continue to impact our effective tax rate. Our tax rate in India has been impacted by the reduction in the tax exemption enjoyed by our delivery center operating under the STPI scheme, as more fully described below.


In the past, the majority of our Indian operations were eligible to claim income tax exemption with respect to profits earned from export revenue from operating units registered under the STPI. The benefit was available for a period of 10 years from the date of commencement of operations, but not beyond March 31, 2011. Effective April 1, 2011, upon the expiration of this tax exemption, income derived from our operations in India became subject to the prevailing annual tax rate, which is currently 34.95%, and was 34.61% in fiscal 2018, 2017 and 2016.

In 2005, the Government of India implemented the SEZ legislation, with the effect that taxable income of new operations established in designated SEZs may be eligible for a 15-year tax holiday scheme consisting of a complete tax holiday for the initial five years and a partial tax holiday for the subsequent ten years, subject to the satisfaction of certain capital investment conditions. During fiscal 2012, we also started operations in delivery centers in Pune, Mumbai and Chennai, India registered under the SEZ scheme, which were, prior to fiscal 2017, eligible for a complete tax holiday but commencing fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2026 are eligible for only a 50.0% income tax exemption. During fiscal 2015, we commenced operations at our new delivery centers in Gurgaon and Pune in India which are registered under the SEZ scheme and are eligible for a 100.0% income tax exemption until fiscal 2019, and a 50.0% income tax exemption from fiscal 2020 to fiscal 2029. During fiscal 2018, we commenced operations at our new delivery centers in Gurgaon and Pune, India which are registered under the SEZ scheme and are eligible for a 100.0% income tax exemption until fiscal 2022, and a 50.0% income tax exemption from fiscal 2023 to fiscal 2032.