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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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We have established the WNS Learning Academy, where we offer specialized skills development, such as leadership and management development, skills and behavioral programs for employees across all levels. The WNS Learning Academy is focused on developing high-impact leadership and potential across all band levels and geographies. The WNS Learning Academy is staffed with over 35 full-time trainers content designers and e-learning developers. We customize our training programs according to the nature of the client’s business, the country in which the client operates and the services the client requires. Further, the WNS Learning Academy has an in-house e-learning unit which creates computer or web-based learning modules to support ongoing learning and development.

Since the launch of the WNS Learning Academy, we have made significant efforts to improve the learning and development of our supervisory, management and leadership teams, which is visible through focused learning initiatives targeted at employees with specific job roles and based upon current and future business competency requirements. Our learning initiatives include, among others, the following:


    A five-day leadership program, implemented in 2008, with a 60-90 day action learning project focused on professional and leadership skills and process improvement for over 2,000 team leaders and managers;


    Educational opportunities through tie-ups with leading institutions, such as the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and NIIT University;


    “Train the Trainer” programs, in which master trainers visit our various locations to conduct training sessions;


    The ongoing expansion of our virtual domain university for each business unit, which we intend to serve as a one stop solution for domain knowledge; and


    Diversity and cross-cultural understanding training initiatives.

Through these learning initiatives and others, we are addressing developmental and functional needs at the junior management level, leadership and sales focus at the middle management level and business and strategic development at the senior leadership level. Our goal is to consolidate, build and share intellectual property and business knowledge throughout our organization, which we believe will benefit us, as well as our clients, in the long run.

Further, in connection with our focus on institutionalizing talent identification, succession planning and talent development frameworks, the WNS Learning Academy is involved with the design and implementation of talent development roadmaps that are designed to help us organically build leaders for the future and develop clear succession plans. We plan to achieve this through the design and roll-out of customized individual development plans, as well as specialized training programs run for groups of employees at similar stages of career development or in similar roles, which we call “clustered interventions.”

In order to keep pace with the ever-changing global business environment, we recognize that there is a strong need to focus on consolidating, building and sharing our domain knowledge. Hence, in fiscal 2015, we set up a virtual domain university for certain vertical business units such as finance and accounting, banking and financial services, travel, diversified businesses, and shipping and logistics. The university serves as repository for domain knowledge that is accessible virtually by our employees. The university was established to assist us in retaining and building our domain knowledge for our business units, and we intend to continue to expand its offerings to cover each of our business units. It is expected to benefit us as well as our clients in the long run. In the past fiscal year, we have collaborated with (a LinkedIn company), a leading provider of learning solutions, to provide our employees the opportunity of self-paced learning. We have also introduced video-based learning that uses videos provided by for employees, which can be accessed through their mobile phones.

The WNS Learning Academy derives its goals through a focused goal-setting exercise that takes inputs from business vertical strategy, HR talent acquisition and development strategy, performance management records, and market insights, all of which ties into the WNS mission of outperforming our targets and expectations.

The training function at WNS is responsible for developing a variety of skills organization-wide and within focus groups, such as behavior, domain, technical, leadership, functional as well as process. Development of these skills is provided through an integrated learning organization, which comprises seven building blocks.

The WNS Learning Academy is focused on developing high-impact leadership skills and potential across all band levels and geographies.

Our WNS Learning Academy has more than 100 active programs for various bands and behavioral skill areas. These programs are conducted across locations based on defined competency-led roadmaps. In fiscal 2018, we launched the following two flagship programs:

(a) Aspire – This is our leadership development program designed to build and foster our next-generation leaders. This program aims at creating functional leaders within the organization. It considers not only the individual participants’ personal career aspirations but also aligns it with their inherent competencies through assessment science and analytics.

(b) Centurion – This is a talent development program designed for future women leaders. It is an initiative to proactively identify and nurture women employees within frontline managers to build next role capabilities and create an enabling environment for career opportunities.

In partnership with NIIT University, we have also designed a Master of Business Administration (“MBA”) program in Business Analytics that is relevant to the industry and helps create a pipeline of ready analytics professionals.

Other Development Initiatives

Diversity and inclusion — As we increase our global presence, we believe it is important to grow and foster an inclusive and diverse business environment, and therefore we seek to equip our managers with the skills required to collaborate, manage and lead in a diverse global environment. Our learning and development team is proactively designing training materials related to diversity and cross-cultural understanding in order to groom successful managers who have a global mindset and the necessary soft skills to function effectively in a diverse environment. We believe that skills such as good communication and cultural adaptability and understanding are essential in the workplace. Therefore, we aim to instill in our global managers an awareness of, and an appreciation for, the differences among the cultures with which they do business and to provide them the techniques and support they need to succeed.