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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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We have a dedicated team of technology experts who support clients at every stage of their engagement with us. The team designs, implements and supports technology solutions to enable delivery of business processes for our customers.

Wide-area-network — We have designed and built a highly redundant and resilient global multi-protocol label switching (“MPLS”) network, connecting all of our delivery centers and client datacenters. We run data, voice and video services on this global MPLS network to serve our customers.

Customer interaction services technology infrastructure — We have deployed omni-channel capable contact center platforms comprising voice, web chat, email, social media, and interactive voice response across all our delivery centers, delivering customer experience through customer interaction services. These customized platforms orchestrate omni-channel customer journeys across digital channels including self-service and payment card industry data security standard compliance.

Data centers — We have built highly secure, redundant, state of art data centers for hosting our omni-channel contact center platform, automation tools as a service for some of our clients and our corporate infrastructure and application services.

Cloud Computing – We have adopted cloud computing services like office productivity tools, virtual servers, virtual storage, web and email security, for some of our clients and our corporate usage.Technology service management methodology — Our technology service delivery management is based on an information technology infrastructure library framework. We manage over 200 clients for technology implementation, service delivery and support for end user computing, wide area network, local area network telecommunications, customer interaction management platform, IT security, datacenter systems and cloud computing technology platforms.

Process and Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Our process and quality assurance compliance programs are critical for the success of our operations. We have an independent quality team to monitor, analyze, provide feedback and report process performance and compliance. Our company-wide quality management system focuses on effectively managing our client processes on an ongoing basis. Our process delivery is managed by independent empowered teams and is measured regularly against pre-defined operational metrics. We have over 950 employees in our quality assurance team which help us meet ISO 9001 standards for quality management systems and ensure continued compliance. We apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies, which are statistical and process-focused methodologies to improve and deliver consistent quality across processes. We apply well-defined quality management principles to improve and provide consistent levels of service quality to our clients. In fiscal 2018, more than 717 different projects were completed using Lean Six Sigma methodologies and over 628 additional projects are in progress. We have also trained over 13,800 employees in ISO 9001 and Lean & Six Sigma principles in fiscal 2018.

We have been honored with the following awards for our achievements in quality assurance in fiscal 2018:


    Golden Peacock National Quality Award 2017


    World Quality Congress Award 2017 for Best Use of Six Sigma Project in the Travel sector


    GSA UK Award for delivering business value in outsourcing


    NASSCOM BPM award for BPM Partnership


    Global Awards for Excellence in Quality for Best Six Sigma in Travel


    World Quality Congress Award for Best Six Sigma Project


    Golden Star Award For Best Six Sigma use in Outsourcing


    Stevie Bronze Award for Best Six Sigma Project


    World Innovation Congress – 50 Most Innovative Leaders

Our Board of Directors is primarily responsible for overseeing our risk management processes. The Board of Directors receives and reviews reports from the Chief Risk Officer as considered appropriate regarding our company’s assessment of risks. The Board of Directors focuses on the most significant risks facing our company and our company’s general risk management strategy, and also ensures that risks undertaken by our company are consistent with the Board’s appetite for risk.

Our risk management framework also focuses on three important elements: business continuity planning, information security and operations risk management.

Our approach to business continuity planning involves implementation of an organization-wide business continuity management framework which includes continual self-assessment, strategy formulation, execution and review. Our business continuity strategy leverages our expanding network of delivery centers for operational and technological risk mitigation in the event of a disaster. To manage our business continuity planning program, we employ a dedicated team of experienced professionals. A customized business continuity strategy is developed for key clients, depending on their specific requirements. For mission-critical processes, operations are typically split across multiple delivery centers in accordance with client-approved customized business continuity plans.