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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Competition in the business process management services industry is intense and growing steadily. See “Part I — Item 3. Key Information — D. Risk Factors — Risks Related to Our Business — We face competition from onshore and offshore business process management companies and from information technology companies that also offer business process management services. Our clients may also choose to run their business processes themselves, either in their home countries or through captive units located offshore.”

We compete primarily with:


    Focused BPM service companies with presence in offshore locations (primarily India), such as EXL Service Holdings, Inc., Firstsource Solutions Limited and Genpact Limited;


    BPM divisions of numerous information technology service companies operating out of India, such as Cognizant Technology Solutions, Infosys Technologies Limited, Tata Consultancy Services Limited and Wipro Technologies Limited;


    Global companies such as Accenture Limited, Electronic Data Systems Corporation, a division of Hewlett-Packard, and International Business Machines Corporation, which provide an array of products and services, including broad-based information technology, software, consulting and business process outsourcing services; and


    Global financial services and consulting firms such as Deloitte Private Limited, industry-focused niche technology players such as InterGlobe Enterprises and Accelya, and specialty analytics service providers such as Mu Sigma Inc.

In addition, departments of certain companies may choose to perform their business processes in-house, in some cases via an owned and operated facility in an offshore location such as India. Their employees provide these services as part of their regular business operations.

Intellectual Property

We use a combination of our clients’ software systems, third party software platforms and systems and our own proprietary software platforms and systems to provide our BPM and technology services. Our proprietary solutions and licensed software allows us to market our services as integrated solutions under WNS TRAC TM that combine technology solutions together with our core BPM service offerings. Our principal proprietary software solutions include: –


  (1) WNS TRACTM Travel technology solutions, including a revenue accounting platform and a fare audit platform, which we use in our travel and leisure business unit;


  (2) WNS Auto Claims software platform, which we use in WNS Assistance;


  (3) WNS TRACTM Insurance technology solutions, including “iPAS” and “eAdjudicator,” which we use in our insurance business unit;


  (4) WNS TRACTM Finance and Accounting solutions, including proprietary software, point solutions and platform solutions developed on third party software that we use in our finance and accounting services; and


  (5) WNS TRACTM Robotics and Digital Transformation solutions, including our proprietary solutions and solutions developed on third party software, for delivering automation and transformation services to our clients.

We customarily enter into licensing and non-disclosure agreements with our clients with respect to the use of their software platforms and systems. We maintain intellectual property rights in our proprietary software platforms and systems, and license the use of third party software platforms and systems from their respective owners. Under our contracts with third-party software platform providers, any solutions developed by us on top of such third party software platforms, using our domain knowledge, are our intellectual property (unless qualified otherwise). Our client contracts usually provide that all customized intellectual property created specifically for the use of our clients will be assigned to them, unless it is clearly identified as our intellectual property.

Our employees are also required to sign confidentiality agreements as a condition to their employment. These agreements include confidentiality undertakings regarding our company’s and the client’s intellectual property that bind our employees even after they cease to work with us. These agreements also ensure that all intellectual property created or developed by our employees in the course of their employment is assigned to us.

We have registered the trademark “WNS,” “WNS-Extending Your Enterprise” and “WNS TRAC” in most of the countries where we have global presence.