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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Research and Analytics—Service  Offerings

Analytics Consulting


Sales and Marketing Analytics


Digital Analytics

Analytics maturity consulting, data maturity consulting, model validation, partnership evaluation, model conversations, visualization needs assessment, digital transformation, big data consulting   Customer analytics, campaign management and loyalty analytics, sales analytics, market / media mix modeling, market research analytics, pricing analytics, personalization, social media analytics    Social media analytics, web analytics, text mining

Big Data Analytics




Financial and Risk Analytics

Big data advisory, data engineering, data governance, data stitching and analysis, reports and dashboards, visualization tools, data cleansing and aggregation  

Business research: Strategic marketing intelligence, competitive research


Financial research: Credit research, equity research, M&A research, fixed income research


Market research: Survey programming and web surveys

   Actuarial analytics, collections analytics, budgeting and forecasting, balance sheet analytics, working capital analytics, financial model validation, compliance analytics



Domain-based Analytics


Insurance Analytics


Travel & Leisure Analytics


Banking & Financial Analytics

Claims analytics, subrogation analytics, fraud analytics, customer analytics    Loyalty analytics, customer interaction service analytics, commercial intelligence, flight operations, pricing and revenue management   

Data mining and data management: Analysis of structured and unstructured data across the banking and finance sector


Reporting, dash-boarding and visualization


Financial model development and recalibration

Utilities Analytics


Shipping & Logistics Analytics


Healthcare (Pharma & Consumer Health)


Data mining, decision support services, collections optimizations, customer analytics – segmentation, lifetime value analysis, NPS analysis, predictive analytics, text analytics    Metrics realization and analysis, network design and optimization, transport management, shipping performance management, tonnage analytics, carrier sourcing analytics, fleet analysis and maintenance, corporate management, revenue analytics, reverse logistics analytics    Competitive intelligence, pipeline analysis, product profiling, KPI reporting, epidemiology analysis, market opportunity assessment, social media analysis, KOL research, modeling and tool building support, pricing analytics, patient data analytics