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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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The following table illustrates the key areas of services provided to clients in this business unit:


Manufacturing—Service Offerings

Supply Chain Planning

        and Forecasting         


Sourcing and



Fulfillment &



Warranty and




Shared Services



Marketing and



Sales and operations planning, demand forecasting, supply planning, inventory management, inventory analytics    Strategic sourcing, category management, contract management, spending analytics, transactional procurement    Order entry & processing, order tracking, billing / invoicing, transport management, logistics optimization    Warranty customer operations, warranty claims management, parts / repair management, warranty financial management, returns management, customer helpdesk    Finance and accounting services, statutory and compliance support, customer care services, human resource services, IT customer care services, IT web application support    Global market opportunities, brand building, go to market strategy, customer services, order management, acquisition analysis, retention analysis

Retail and Consumer Products: Our retail and CPG solutions are designed to help our clients derive consumer behavioral insights, optimize marketing expenditures, plan their growth strategy, reduce operational costs and streamline processes through efficiency, quality and productivity improvements, and improve customer service.

The key retail and CPG companies that we serve include:


    Beverage companies;


    Fast food chains and restaurants;


    Processed food suppliers;


    Cosmetics and healthcare companies;


    Specialty retailers; and


    E-commerce retailers.

To support our services, we use our research and analytics platform, WADESM, which was designed and developed to enable retail and CPG companies to access, organize and analyze data from various outside sources and use the information to make informed decisions.