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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Business Process Management Service Offerings

We offer our services to clients through industry-focused business units. We are organized into the following vertical business units to provide more specialized focus on each of these industries and more effectively manage our sales, solutions, marketing and delivery processes:




    Travel and leisure;


    Diversified businesses including manufacturing, retail, CPG, media and entertainment and telecom;






    Consulting and professional services;


    Shipping and logistics; and


    Banking and financial services.

In addition to industry-specific services, we offer a range of services that are common across multiple industries (which we refer to as our horizontal services), in the areas of customer interaction services, finance and accounting (including procurement), research and analytics and technology services. In addition, our global transformation practice offers higher-value services such as transformation services, which are designed to help our clients modify their business processes to enhance productivity, manage changes in the business environment, and leverage business knowledge to increase market competitiveness. We help clients drive these initiatives with technology-enabled solutions, process re-design including quality initiatives such as Six Sigma or Lean, and business analytics.

To achieve in-depth understanding of our clients’ industries and the geographies in which they operate, we manage and conduct our sales processes in our three key markets — Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Our sales teams are led by senior professionals who focus on target industries, processes and clients. Each business unit is staffed by a dedicated team of managers and employees engaged in providing business process management client solutions. In addition, each business unit draws upon common support services from our information technology, human resources, training, corporate communications, corporate finance, risk management and legal departments, which we refer to as our corporate-enabling units.

Vertical Business Units:


Our insurance services (actuarial and non-actuarial) are structured into lines of business offerings customized for property and casualty insurance and life and annuities. We cater to a diverse and sizeable number of clients globally and have significant experience across a broad range of insurance product lines.

The key insurance industry sectors that we serve include:


    Life, annuity and property and casualty insurers;


    Insurance brokers and loss assessors, property and casualty insurance providers, reinsurance brokers and motor insurance companies;


    Self-insured auto fleet owners; and


    Lloyds of London Market.