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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Reinforce leadership in existing industries

Through our industry-focused operating model, we have established leading business process management practices in various industries and business sectors. We intend to leverage our knowledge of the following industries to penetrate additional client opportunities: insurance; travel and leisure; diversified businesses, including manufacturing, retail, CPG, media and entertainment and telecom; healthcare; utilities; consulting and professional services; shipping and logistics; and banking and financial services. To complement our industry-focused approach, we continue to invest in talent, analytics and technology platforms with the goal of expanding our business and acquiring industry-specific expertise to improve our service offerings across industries.

Provide higher value-added services

We enhance our value proposition to our clients by leveraging our industry-specific expertise; our portfolio of higher-value services such as our finance and accounting services, research and analytics services, transformation services and technology-enabled solutions; and our flexible pricing models. We expect that as the BPM market further matures, the demand for industry-specific services and non-linear pricing models will increase. Accordingly, we have made significant investments in both these areas which we expect will give us a competitive advantage. We intend to broaden the scope of our higher-value service offerings to capture new market opportunities. By delivering a wider portfolio of higher-value services to our clients, and migrating them towards transaction and outcome-based pricing models, we aim to move up the value chain with our clients and thereby enhance the size, strength and profitability of these relationships.

In January 2012, we established our Capability Creation Group, which is responsible for facilitating the creation of new industry-leading solution offerings, transformation methodologies and frameworks, and process re-engineering offerings. These solution offerings include automation of manual processes, solving operational challenges and enhancing productivity and efficiencies for client organizations. We intend to continue to expand on capability creation to drive process excellence, technology development, and new solutions and capabilities to address client needs.

Enhance awareness of the WNS brand name

Our reputation for operational excellence and domain expertise among our clients has been instrumental in attracting and retaining new clients as well as talented and qualified employees. We believe we have benefited from strong word-of-mouth references that have helped us to scale our business. We are actively increasing our efforts to enhance awareness of the WNS brand in our target client and employee markets. To accomplish this, we have a dedicated global marketing team comprised of experienced industry talent. We are also focusing on developing channels to increase market awareness of the WNS brand, including participation in industry events and conferences, exposure in industry publications, publication of articles and white papers, webinars and podcasts, internet and digital media, and other initiatives that create enhanced visibility of the WNS brand and establish WNS’ thought leadership capabilities in the BPM industry. In addition, we are working to improve visibility and positioning with the BPM industry analysts, sourcing advisors, general management consulting firms, and boutique outsourcing firms, who are often retained by prospective clients to provide strategic advice, act as intermediaries in the sourcing processes, develop scope specifications, and aid in the partner selection process.

Expand our delivery capabilities

We currently operate from 54 delivery centers located in 11 countries around the world. In fiscal 2018, we expanded our delivery capacity by 2,382 seats or approximately 8.5% of our capacity at the end of fiscal 2017. We will expand our global delivery capability through additional delivery centers in onshore, nearshore and offshore locations as well through collaborations with other providers, based on client demand and market trends. This approach will allow us to offer our clients maximum value and flexibility, as well as gain access to potential clients and markets that may have specific delivery requirements or constraints.

Broaden industry expertise and enhance growth through selective acquisitions and partnerships

Our acquisition strategy is focused on adding new capabilities, including service offerings, technology-enabled automation tools and platforms, analytics capabilities, deeper industry expertise, and geographic delivery presence. Our acquisition track record demonstrates our ability to integrate, manage and develop the specific capabilities we acquire. One of our key objectives is to continue to pursue targeted acquisitions in the future and rely on our integration capabilities to expand the strategic positioning and growth of our business.