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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Business Strategy

Our objective is to strengthen our position as a leading global business process management provider. We seek to increase our client base and expand our existing relationships. We intend to achieve this through deep industry expertise and providing enhanced value proposition and actionable insights to our clients. We continually invest in domain expertise, analytics and technology to serve our clients better. We also intend to make select acquisitions to fill capability gaps.

We have made significant investments to accelerate our growth. These investments include:


    Expansion and reorganization of our sales force;


    Increase in the expertise and management capability within our sales force;


    Expansion of other sales channels including the development of new partnerships and alliances and broadening our engagement with outsourcing industry advisors and analysts;


    Increase in the range of services and solutions offered to our clients across different industries and business functions;


    Establishment of our Capability Creation Group to facilitate the creation of new client offerings and automation of solutions;


    Increased focus on analytics through internal investment, strategic partnerships and acquisitions;


    Increased use of technology in our service offerings, including the development of new technology-enabled solutions, including RPA, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence;


    Expansion of our global delivery platform; and


    Focused strategic acquisitions to improve our capabilities.

The key elements of our growth strategy are described below:

Increase business from existing clients and new clients

We have organized our company into vertical business units and were the first BPM company in the industry to do so. Our sales force of 101 members as at March 31, 2018, provides broad sales coverage and management experience. Our sales force is organized into two groups, one focused primarily on expanding existing client relationships (farmers) and another focused on adding new clients (hunters).

We seek to expand our relationships with existing clients by cross-selling new services (such as technology-based and analytics offerings), moving up the value chain, and expanding into other lines of business and geographies within each client. Our account managers and client partners have industry-specific knowledge and expertise, and are responsible for maintaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ outsourcing roadmaps as well as identifying and advocating new outsourcing opportunities. As a result of this strategy, we have built a strong track record of extending the scope of our client relationships over time.

For new clients, we seek to provide value-added solutions by leveraging our deep industry knowledge built on the back of process expertise, technology-enablement, analytics and transformation solutions. As a result of our capabilities and industry vertical go-to-market approach, we have been able to compete effectively for new opportunities.