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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Experience in transitioning processes and running them efficiently

Many of the business processes that clients outsource to us are core to their operations, requiring substantial program management expertise to enable the transition of work to us. A well-planned and effectively managed transition is the cornerstone of our business proposition and helps our clients outsource their operations effectively and efficiently, focus on their business priorities and implement operating models that are designed to help them achieve their business strategies.

Our transition approach is structured to help deliver business outcomes to our clients by:


    Minimizing risk and achieving rapid transition of services;


    Ramping up operations with minimal disruption to existing business, metrics, customers and suppliers;


    Effectively managing changes brought about by transformative tools and technologies; and


    Managing a seamless transfer of responsibilities from any incumbent service providers to us.

At its core, all aspects of the transition process are governed by EnABLE, our proprietary transition toolkit, which has been tested and evolved over 20 years. EnABLE embeds multi-level governance, visibility and transparency, flexibility and compliance across the entire transition lifecycle.

Our differentiators include:


    Customer-centricity: Our practice of ‘early transition voice of customer’ identifies and addresses opportunities to do better at meeting clients’ objectives and success criteria.


    Robust governance: Our multi-level governance approach seeks to ensure that transition reviews are conducted at all levels up to executive leadership. Risks are assessed and proactive support is provided with a view to achieving clients’ objectives.


    Strong leadership and experience: We have a robust and mature transition methodology with a strong record in managing and delivering transitions from clients as well as from major incumbent players.


    Global presence: Our team of skilled transition managers operates from all our major global delivery locations. Our agile and readily deployable team is always available for clients’ needs.

Extensive investment in human capital development

We have established the WNS Learning Academy, which provides ongoing training to our employees for the purpose of continuously improving their leadership and professional skills. This includes the provision of extensive training infrastructure, such as training rooms, mobile application-based learning systems and in-house learning programs, which help impart key professional skills and industry-specific knowledge to our employees. We seek to promote our team leaders and operations managers from within, thereby offering internal advancement opportunities and clear long-term career paths. The WNS Learning Academy is a training construct designed to build a culture of perpetual learning by placing the employees on a learning path, which imparts knowledge, builds confidence and enables advancement. As a part of the WNS Learning Academy, we have created specific Domain Universities, which enable individuals at any level of the organization to continuously improve their industry knowledge and prepare for increasingly complex, domain-specific roles. As part of their development, we have launched programs for our front-line managers and top employees to help them improve their performance in their current roles and to develop new skill sets to enable them to take on new roles. These programs include our business intervention programs “Beyond Horizon,” “Inspire,” “TransforME,” “Empower,” “Evolve,” and “Ascend,” which are all programs designed to identify promising employees at various levels of the organization and empower them with the requisite skills to grow and eventually step into senior leadership roles. We have put in place our New Leadership Competency framework, which serves as a tool to help leaders measure the necessary skill sets and behavioral patterns required to excel in the current and future roles.

In addition, we create individual development plans for our top talent based on inputs from our line managers and business unit heads to help further their career development.

Our aim is to develop a high performing global team and increase our employees’ effectiveness. We expect to increasingly leverage technology to create a learning organization.

Experienced management team

We benefit from the effective leadership of a global management team with diverse backgrounds, including extensive experience in outsourcing. Members of our executive and senior management team have, on average, over 20 years of experience in diverse industries, including in the business process and information technology outsourcing sector, and in the course of their respective careers have gathered experience in developing long-standing client relationships, leveraging technology, launching practices in new geographies, developing new service offerings and successfully integrating acquisitions.