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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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End-to-end service portfolio including higher-value transformational services and technology-enabled solutions

We seek to focus our service portfolio on more complex processes and solutions, and to shift away from reliance on services that are less integral to our clients’ core business operations, such as commoditized voice and transactional services (telemarketing and technical helpdesks), which characterized the business process outsourcing industry in its early days. We offer an array of higher-value, judgment-based services that seek to not only reduce cost and improve operating efficiency, but enable improved decision-making, competitive positioning and business outcomes for executive officers. These include high-end finance and accounting services, including strategic sourcing through supply chains, transformation services, technology-enabled offerings and analytics capabilities. We also provide a wide array of industry-specific solutions, which cut across these traditional “horizontal” services. These solutions are designed to help clients address process efficiency requirements, provide digital capabilities, and generate business insights specific to their industry.

We have also developed and continue to develop technology-enabled, or “automated,” solutions that utilize our proprietary software and licensed software in conjunction with our core business process management services. These integrated, technology-enabled solutions allow us to offer higher-value, differentiated services, which are more scalable and repeatable and create value for our clients through increased process efficiency and quality. We also collaborate with technology companies, combining their software tools, platforms and expertise with our service capabilities to deliver business solutions to the marketplace. These technologies include RPA, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence. We believe these technology-enabled “automated” solutions will enable us to grow our revenue in a non-linear way by decoupling revenue growth from headcount growth.

To this end, we offer platform-enabled BPM or BPaaS that tightly integrates our domain expertise, business processes, automation, embedded analytics and a cloud-based infrastructure.

Proven global delivery platform

We deliver our services from 54 delivery centers in 11 countries around the world, located in China, Costa Rica, India, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the UK and the US. Our ability to offer services delivered from a mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore locations benefits our clients from the perspectives of access to skills and talent, cultural alignment, language capabilities, business continuity, risk mitigation, scalability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We believe the breadth of our delivery capability allows us to meet our clients’ needs, diversifies our workforce and allows us to access local talent pools around the world.

Our client-centric focus

We have a client-centric engagement model that leverages our industry-specific and shared-services expertise, flexible pricing models, “client-partner” relationship approach, as well as our global delivery platform to offer business solutions designed to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We seek to enhance our value proposition to our clients by providing them with flexible pricing models that align our objectives with those of our clients. In addition to traditional full-time equivalent-based pricing, we provide alternative pricing models such as transaction-based pricing and outcome-based pricing. A sizable percentage of our revenue, being 37.5% in fiscal 2018, is derived from these “non-FTE”-based pricing models. These models enable our clients to pay only for actual work performed or tangible benefit received.

We have also adopted a client-centric sales model, which is tightly integrated with our vertical organizational structure. Strategic client accounts are assigned a dedicated client partner from our team who is responsible for managing the day-to-day relationship. The client partner is typically a seasoned resource with deep domain experience, who works directly from the client’s local offices. Within our company, the client partner is aligned with a specific vertical, and directly manages sales resources responsible for expanding client relationships (farmers). The client partner is responsible for driving business value to our clients, ensuring quality of delivery and customer satisfaction, and managing account growth and profitability.