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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Competitive Strengths

We believe that we have the competitive strengths necessary to maintain and enhance our position as a leading global provider of BPM services.

Well-positioned for the evolving BPM market

The BPM industry, which started with the first wave of simple outsourced processes, has now expanded to include complex business processes and higher-value services that involve process re-engineering, business and digital transformation, management of mission-critical operations, and generation of business insights to aid decision-making. We believe that our industry-specific expertise, end-to-end service capabilities, transformation capabilities, technology-enabled solutions, process management skills, embedded analytics, global delivery network and customer-centric approach position us at the forefront of the evolving BPM market.

Deep industry expertise

We have established deep expertise in the industries we target as a result of our vertical organizational structure, legacy client relationships, proprietary technology offerings, key acquisitions and the hiring of management with specific industry knowledge. Our deep domain expertise in each of the 12 industries we serve helps us develop keen insights and transform them into leading-edge impactful business solutions with the help of technology, analytics and process rigor. We have developed methodologies, proprietary knowledge and industry-specific technology platforms applicable to our target industries that allow us to provide industry-focused solutions and help clients compete within these industries.

We have organized our company into business units aligned with each of the industries on which we focus. By doing so, we are able to approach clients in each of our target industries with a combined sales, marketing and delivery effort that leverages our in-depth industry knowledge and industry-specific technology platforms and solutions.