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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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    Ability to deploy bolt-on tools or applications that can be easily added onto the enterprise architecture;


    Capabilities to drive improved process standardization across business units and multiple locations, demonstrating strong global delivery capabilities;


    Analytical capabilities to deliver actionable business insights;


    Technology-enabled services and solutions, including RPA, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, cloud-based offerings and platform-based BPM;


    Global presence through a mix of offshore, nearshore and onshore delivery centers to access talent and capabilities, create cultural alignment, leverage language skills, and mitigate risks; and


    Capability to scale employees and infrastructure without a diminution in quality of service.

The recent outsourcing trends have driven BPM providers to be more innovative, strategic and forward-looking in their outlook. Against the backdrop of this changed environment, we believe our company with our extensive industry expertise, client-centric approach, global footprint, transformational and re-engineering frameworks and ability to identify levers of change, is well positioned to deliver business value to our clients. We offer technology-enabled and BPaaS solutions that help companies rapidly adapt to changing business conditions. On similar lines, in addition to traditional pricing models based on headcount (often referred to as full-time equivalents (“FTEs”)), we offer transaction and outcome-based pricing models to provide clients with cost flexibility and measurable business benefit. In fiscal 2018, 37.5% of our total revenues were generated from “non-FTE” models. These “non-linear” pricing models, which de-link the relationship between headcount and revenue for BPM providers, create an incentive for the providers to improve the productivity of their employees, increase the use of technology, and enhance the overall efficiency of their operations.

The global business process management industry is a large and growing industry. According to the Gartner Forecast: IT Services, Worldwide, 2016-2022, 1Q18 Update, the worldwide BPO market is estimated to have grown to $161.199 billion in 2017. Gartner has estimated that the revenue for the worldwide BPO market will grow from $161.199 billion in 2017 to $206.711 billion in 2022, which we calculate to represent a compounded annual growth rate of 5.1%.

Source: Gartner, Inc., Forecast: IT Services, Worldwide, 2016-2022, 1Q18 Update. Dated: April 3, 2018.

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