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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Our Compensation Committee used the data derived by our external compensation consultant primarily to ensure that our executive compensation programs are competitive. A selected subset of peer companies from those listed above that were found most closely comparable as benchmark for a particular position were considered to arrive at the compensation benchmark review of individual executive officers. Where compensation information was not publicly disclosed for a specific management position in the relevant industry, our Compensation Committee reviewed data corresponding to the most comparable position and also considered the comparative experience of the relevant executive officers.

There is enough flexibility in the existing compensation programs to respond and adjust to the evolving business environment. Accordingly, an individual’s compensation elements could be changed by our Compensation Committee based on changes in job responsibilities of the executive. In addition to input from our external compensation consultant’s survey, our Compensation Committee also took into consideration our performance and industry indicators in deciding our compensation for fiscal 2018.

Based on the elements listed above and in line with our compensation philosophy, in fiscal 2018 our Compensation Committee adjusted our executive officers compensation as described in “—Executive Compensation for Fiscal 2018” below.

Executive Compensation for Fiscal 2018

Total Compensation of Executive Officers

The following table sets forth the total compensation paid or proposed to be paid to each of our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and other named executive officers for services rendered in fiscal 2018 (excluding grants of RSUs which are described below).



   Base Salary(1)      Benefits      Bonus      Total  

Keshav R. Murugesh

   $ 714,968      $ 69,142      $ 2,475,037      $ 3,259,147  

Sanjay Puria

   $ 292,510      $ 15,654      $ 798,871      $ 1,107,035  

Ronald Gillette

   $ 460,000      $ 12,009      $ 640,458      $ 1,112,467  

Swaminathan Rajamani

   $ 248,423      $ 13,432      $ 339,234      $ 601,089  














   $ 1,715,901      $ 110,237      $ 4,253,600      $ 6,079,738  















(1)  Base salary does not include amount contributed towards provident fund which is set out in the table under “—Other Benefits and Perquisites.”

Base Salary or Fixed Compensation

In reviewing base salaries for executive officers, our Compensation Committee reviewed compensation programs for our executive officers against publicly available compensation data compiled by our external compensation consultant and considered local market conditions, market data, the executive officer’s experience and responsibilities, the perceived risk of having to replace the named executive officer and the fact that the executive officers for fiscal 2018 had satisfactorily performed against their prior year’s individual performance objectives.