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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Equity Incentive Grants of RSUs

Our equity-based incentive program, through which we grant RSUs, is a key element of the total compensation for our executive officers. This equity-based incentive program is intended to attract and retain highly qualified individuals, align their long term interests with those of our shareholders, avoid short term focus and effectively execute our long term business strategies. Our equity-based compensation is subject to multi-year vesting requirements by which executives’ gains can either be realized through (i) the achievement of set performance criteria and continued employment through the vesting period, or, simply, (ii) continued employment through the vesting period.

We believe that our executive officers should also own and hold our equity to further align their interests with the long-term interests of our shareholders and further promote our commitment to sound corporate governance practices. To achieve this, we have adopted share ownership guidelines, pursuant to which each executive officer is required to achieve their respective target share ownership level over a period of five years. For further details see “Part I – Item 6E Share Ownership – Share Ownership Guidelines.”

Other Benefits and Perquisites

We provide benefits and perquisites to our executive officers that are generally available to and consistent with those provided to our other employees in the country in which the executive officer is located. We believe these benefits are consistent with the objectives of our compensation philosophy and allow our executive officers to work more efficiently. Such benefits and perquisites are intended to enhance the competitiveness of our overall compensation program. Such benefits normally include medical, accidental and life insurance coverage, retirement benefits, club membership, reimbursement of telephone expenses, a car and related maintenance expenses, leased residential accommodation and other miscellaneous benefits which are customary in the location where the executive officer resides and are generally available to other employees in the country. All executive officers are covered by the directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policy maintained by us.

Severance Benefits

Under the terms of our employment agreements, we are sometimes obligated to pay severance or other enhanced benefits to our executive officers upon termination of their employment.

Our executive officers globally have enhanced levels of benefits based on their job level, seniority and probable loss of employment after a change in control. Executive officers generally are paid severance for a longer period as compared to other employees.


    Accelerated vesting of equity awards. All granted but unvested share options and RSUs would vest immediately and become exercisable (in the case of share options) by our executive officers subject to certain conditions set out in the applicable equity incentive plans or their individual employment agreements.


    Severance and notice payment. Eligible terminated executive officers would receive severance and notice payments as reflected in their individual employment agreements.


    Benefit continuation. Eligible terminated executive officers would receive basic employee benefits such as medical and life insurance and other perquisites as reflected in their individual employment agreements.

In addition, we provide change in control severance protection to certain executive officers. Our Compensation Committee believes that such protection is intended to preserve employee morale and productivity and encourage retention in the face of the disruptive impact of an actual or rumored change in control. In addition, for executive officers, the program is intended to align executive officers’ and shareholders’ interests by enabling executive officers to consider corporate transactions that are in the best interests of our shareholders and other constituents without undue concern over whether the transactions may jeopardize the executive officers’ own interest or employment.