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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Components of Executive Compensation

The compensation of our executive officers consists of the following five primary components:


    Base salary or, in the case of executive officers based in India, fixed compensation;


    Cash bonus or variable incentive;


    Equity incentive grants of RSUs;


    Other benefits and perquisites; and


    Severance benefits.

The following is a discussion of our considerations in determining each of the compensation components for our executive officers.

Base Salary or Fixed Compensation

Base salary is a fixed element of our executives’ annual cash compensation, which is not tied to any performance criteria. We consider base salary an important part of an executive’s compensation and our Compensation Committee reviews each executive officer’s base salary annually as well as at the time of a promotion or other change in responsibility. Any base salary adjustments are usually approved early in the fiscal year, effective as at April 1, or as set out in the relevant employment agreement. The specific amount of base salary for each executive officer depends on the executive’s role, scope of responsibilities, experience and skills. Market practices are also considered in setting base salaries. Base salaries are intended to assist us in attracting executives and recognizing differing levels of responsibility and contribution among executives.

Cash Bonus or Variable Incentive

In addition to base salary, annual cash bonuses are another important piece of total compensation for our executive officers. Annual bonus opportunities are intended to support the achievement of our business strategies by tying a meaningful portion of compensation to the achievement of established objectives for the year. These objectives are discussed in more detail below. Annual bonus opportunities also are a key tool in attracting highly sought-after executives, and cash bonuses add a variable component to our overall compensation structure.