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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Results by Reportable Segment

For purposes of evaluating operating performance and allocating resources, we have organized our company by operating segments. See note 26 to our consolidated financial statements included elsewhere in this annual report. For financial statement reporting purposes, we aggregate the segments that meet the criteria for aggregation as set forth in IFRS 8 “Operating Segments.” We have separately reported our Auto Claims BPM segment, as it does not meet the aggregation criteria under IFRS 8. Accordingly, pursuant to IFRS 8, we have two reportable segments: WNS Global BPM and WNS Auto Claims BPM.

WNS Global BPM is delivered out of our delivery centers in China, Costa Rica, India, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the UK and the US. This segment includes all of our business activities with the exception of WNS Auto Claims BPM. WNS Auto Claims BPM is our automobile claims management business which is primarily based in the UK and is part of our insurance business unit. See “Part I — Item 4. Information on the Company — B. Business Overview — Business Process Management Service Offerings.” We report WNS Auto Claims BPM as a separate segment for financial statement reporting purposes since a substantial part of our reported revenue in this business consists of amounts invoiced to our clients for payments made by us to third party automobile repair centers, resulting in lower long-term gross margins when measured on the basis of revenue, relative to the WNS Global BPM segment.

Our revenue is generated primarily from providing business process management services.