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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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Revenue Recognition

We derive revenue from providing BPM services to our clients, which primarily include providing back office administration, data management, contact center management and automobile claims handling services. We recognize revenue when the significant terms of the arrangement are enforceable, services are being delivered and the collectability is reasonably assured. We recognize revenue on an accrual basis when services are performed and revenue from the end of last billing to the reporting date is recognized as unbilled revenues.

When the terms of the agreement specify service level parameters that must be met, we monitor such service level parameters and determine if there are any service credits or penalties that we need to account for. Revenue is recognized net of any service credits that are due to a client. Generally, our revenue is from large companies, where we do not believe we have a significant credit risk.

We invoice our clients depending on the terms of the arrangement, which include billing based on a per employee basis, a per transaction basis, subscription based services, which typically involve billings based on per member per month, at contractually agreed rates, a fixed price basis, an outcome based basis or other pricing arrangements including cost-plus arrangements. Amounts billed or payments received, where all the conditions for revenue recognition have not been met, are recorded as deferred revenue and are recognized as revenue when all recognition criteria have been met. However, the costs related to the performance of BPM services unrelated to transition services (discussed below) are recognized in the period in which the services are rendered. An upfront payment received towards future services is recognized ratably over the period when such services are provided.

For certain of our clients, we perform transition activities at the outset of entering into a new contract for the provision of BPM services. We have determined these transition activities do not meet the revenue recognition criteria to be accounted for as a separate unit of accounting with stand-alone value separate from the on-going BPM contract. Accordingly, transition revenue and costs are subsequently recognized ratably over the period in which the BPM services are performed. Further, the deferral of costs is limited to the amount of the deferred revenue. Any costs in excess of the deferred transition revenue are recognized in the period it was incurred.

In limited instances, we have entered into minimum commitment arrangements that provide for a minimum revenue commitment on an annual basis or a cumulative basis over multiple years, stated in terms of annual minimum amounts. Where a minimum commitment is specific to an annual period, any revenue shortfall is invoiced and recognized at the end of this period.

Our revenue is net of value-added taxes and includes reimbursements of out-of-pocket expenses.

We provide automobile claims handling services, which include claims handling and administration (which we refer to as “claims handling”), car hire and arranging for repairs with repair centers across the UK and the related payment processing for such repairs (which we refer to as “repair management”). We also provide legal services in relation to personal injury claims.

We also provide services where motorists involved in accidents were not at fault. Our service offerings include the provision of replacement hire vehicles (which we refer to as “credit hire”), repair management services and claims handling (which we collectively refer to as “accident management”).

With respect to claims handling, we enter into contracts with our clients to process all their claims over the contract period, where the fees are determined either on a per claim basis or a fixed payment for the contract period. Where our contracts are on a per claim basis, we invoice the client at the inception of the claim process. We estimate the processing period for the claims and recognize revenue over the estimated processing period. This processing period generally ranges between one to two months. The processing time may be greater for new clients and the estimated service period is adjusted accordingly. The processing period is estimated based on historical experience and other relevant factors, if any. Where the fee is a fixed payment for the contract period, revenue is recognized on a straight line basis over the period of the contract. In certain cases, where the fee is contingent upon the successful recovery of a claim by the client, revenue is not recognized until the contingency is resolved. Revenue in respect of car hire is recognized over the car hire term.