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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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As part of our accounting for business combinations, some of the purchase price is allocated to goodwill and intangible assets. Impairment charges associated with goodwill are generally not tax deductible and will result in an increased effective income tax rate in the quarter any impairment is recorded. Amortization expenses associated with acquired intangible assets are generally not tax deductible pursuant to our existing tax structure; however, deferred taxes have been recorded for non-deductible amortization expenses as a part of the purchase price allocation process. We have taken into account the allocation of these identified intangibles among different taxing jurisdictions, including those with nominal or zero percent tax rates, in establishing the related deferred tax liabilities. Income tax contingencies existing as of the acquisition dates of the acquired companies are evaluated quarterly and any adjustments are recorded as adjustments to goodwill during the measurement period.

Uncertainties in income taxes are not addressed specifically in IAS12 “Income Taxes” and hence the general measurement principles in IAS12 are applied in measuring the uncertain tax positions. Uncertain tax positions are reflected at the amount likely to be paid to the taxation authorities. A liability is recognized in connection with each item that is not probable of being sustained on examination by taxing authority. The liability is measured using single best estimate of the most likely outcome for each position taken in the tax return. Thus the provision would be the aggregate liability in connection with all uncertain tax positions. We also include interest related to such uncertain tax positions within our provision for income tax expense.

Evaluation of tax positions and recognition of provisions, as discussed above, involves interpretation of tax laws, estimates of probabilities of tax positions being sustained and the amounts of payments to be made under various scenarios. Although we believe we are adequately reserved for our unresolved disputes with the taxation authorities, no assurance can be given with respect to the final outcome on these matters. To the extent that the final outcome on these matters is different than the amounts recorded, such differences will impact our provision for income taxes in the period in which such a determination is made.