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WNS (HOLDINGS) LTD filed this Form 20-F on 05/16/2018
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An impairment loss is recognized for the amount by which an asset’s or cash-generating unit’s carrying amount exceeds its recoverable amount. To determine the value in use, management estimates expected future cash flows from each asset or cash-generating unit and determines a suitable interest rate in order to calculate the present value of those cash flows. In the process of measuring expected future cash flows management makes assumptions about future operating results. These assumptions relate to future events and circumstances. In arriving at our forecasts, we consider past experience, economic trends including underlying current dynamics of the business and inflation as well as industry and market trends. The projections also take into account factors such as the expected impact from new client contracts and expansion of business from existing clients, efficiency initiatives, and the maturity of the markets in which each business operates. To determine the fair value less costs of disposal the management uses Level 3 inputs under the “Income Approach — Discounted Cash Flow Analysis” method. See note 9 to our consolidated financial statements included elsewhere in this annual report. The actual results of recoverable amount may vary, and may cause significant adjustments to our assets within the next financial year. The calculation of impairment loss involves significant estimates and assumptions which include revenue and earnings multiples, inputs used by market participants, growth rates and net margins used to calculate projected future cash flows, risk-adjusted discount rate, and future economic and market conditions.